Customer engagement cycle

To start talking about the online marketing world, first is important for you to understand the process the customers go through as they interact and experience your brand or your product. This process is called the customers engagement cycle or customers journey and it can be either on or offline. Online customer engagement is possible thanks to the internet, the broadband, the increment of time spent online and the fragmentation of media and audiences.

Online Customer engagement cycle have five different stages which are: Customer awareness, consideration, inquiry, purchase and customer retention. In the first step you need to make your clients aware of your brand or product. In this stage a good first , second an even third impression is crucial for your product to succeed later on the cycle. The second step is consideration. In this step your possible customers are considering your product next to other offerings, compering features and prices and is up to you to convince you customer that your product is the best way to go. The next step is the purchase, is until that point that your potential customer becomes a real one. Try to make it as easier as possible for your client to make the purchase, they will surely appreciate it. After the purchase some include a post-purchase support to deal with issues or complaints that may arise. Retention or loyalty is the next step and refers to the prizes that customer win for bringing more business for the company. The last step, and an indication that the process was successful, is the advocacy or referral of the product or service. Because the customer is satisfy he spreads the good word on behalf of your business. For the online customer engagement process this step is equivalent to a re tweet, post, email or upload content regarding an specific product or service. Through out the process the advertising efforts are most of the time dedicated to get the customer to the purchasing stage over and over again.

As you can see the online marketing customer engagement cycle describe the stages of the process in which a customer engage with a company, or the company attempt to engage in a dialogue with the target consumers and stimulate their own engagement with the brand.